Farm fresh India is located in the coconut hub of Polachi district of Tamil Nadu. It all started in Nov 2012, when two active entrepreneurs shared their collaborative ideas to develop good practices for productivity of quality tender coconuts supply to the far of places. With over 6 years of experience and extensive research FFIAT has been able to establish itself as the key provider for good tender coconuts/ coconuts.  With the ample scope for the development of coconut industry all over the world and the consumer demands, thus meeting the customer needs was the need of the hour.  The key factor involved was to bring in the appropriate technology that involved in retaining the original taste and flavour and aroma characteristics of the natural drink. That is the beginning of the Technology called Minimally Processed Tender Coconut, which is Trimmed tender coconut. FFIAT aimed at stimulating interest in the identification of alternative  technology that involved all the prerequisites for production of tender coconuts , thus improving the quality ,shelf life and output of this ‘all natural health drink’ in its original taste, flavour , nutritional values, and packaging .

To present and market agro products in an urban environment through modern techniques in Manufacturing, Packaging and presentation.

A pioneer in the field of natural health drink providers, FFIAT aims to be India’s premier manufacturer and exporter of Coconut based products in both regional and global markets.

With the trending changes and exploring new ends, FFIAT has s come out with live counters called as a Kiosk model. This model is aimed at creating new entrepreneurs and concurrently support farm growers to market their products at a premium price. With our own COCOS we come out with Mocktails, Cold & Hot Beverages of this ‘all natural’ health drink and has been successfully implemented in various Corporates namely COGNIZANT, INFOSYS, FORD, NISSAN etc...  This also facilitated distribution and marketing of tender coconut in different segments like super markets, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels etc...

To provide an effective and efficient platform for farm growers and SMEs to market their products and get increased value for the same.

To increase rural employability through research, training and placement.


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