Corporate Division

Farm Fresh Cocos:

In the area of foodservices, our efforts have been focused on creating dynamic and innovative Kiosk that consistently provide outstanding public relations. Our wide acceptance is relative to our ability to tailor programs to individual clients, and our measurably superior service advantages are key to keeping customers satisfied over time. We have the resources and experience to conceive, implement and manage a tasteful and value-oriented corporate Kiosk.


FFIAT Specialised in Live Kiosk offering Trimmed tender coconut and based mocktails, smoothies, desserts, cold and hot beverages.
All our products will be natural base and health oriented
It will be suitable for food courts in malls, Corporates and commercial spaces.
Minimum Space required 100 Sq.ft
Kiosk offers take away model.

What are the added value benefits of having a self-contained Kiosk for your workplace?

  • Improve morale in the workplace
  • Increase productivity and performance in the workplace
  • Assert corporate directives in the area of nutrition and health management
  • More effectively address foodservice catering requirements for employee.
  • Reduce costs associated with foodservice catering for all.

Why are we different:

  • FFIAT finds the solutions that others miss
  • FFIAT can deliver services on a sole supply on regional culture.
  • Our objective is always to deliver customer satisfaction whilst participating in clients commercial target achievements.
  • More effectively address foodservice catering requirements for employee.
  • FFIAT is in the business of satisfying clients needs with single, unified, all inclusive complete service solutions.


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