Why farm fresh cocos:

The Best Quality – Tender Coconut

We are proud to present the best fresh coconut juice from India. 100% of the purity with the high nutrients, enriched of Fibers, Vitamins and Minerals. Feel Fresh after the juice drinking and meat eating!​
​ Our premium quality coconuts for exporting are carefully selected and processed from the original farms, manufacturing process and trimmed into the perfect DIAMOND shape.

Why farm fresh cocos:

Our company has focused on achieving the highest possible standards in produce and obtaining all of the necessary certifications such as FSSAI and IE code. We have successfully established an efficient business management system and supply chain by contracting local farms at pollachi the hub of coconuts in india. Our experienced staff has provided our contracted farmers with strict guidelines and high expectations with regards to planning, farm preparation and farm maintenance to ensure that the produce that we receive is of the highest quality and freshness. Our agricultural and manufacturing practices have met international requirements and standards

Moreover, our company has focused more on studying and researching a variety of ways to give the products a longer shelf life by using appropriate post-harvest technology together with a controlled atmosphere. With our special treatment and technology, our products always stay fresh while maintaining a long shelf life.

Our market

We are one of India’s leading Manufacturer and Exporters of high quality Trimmed Tender coconuts and we deliver our produce to our customers around the globe by both air and sea freight. With our extensive experience and attention to detail, we have won the trust and satisfaction of our customers in the worldwide market.
With our high export standards and expertise, FFIAT. has been selected by the Department of Coconut Development Board to be a member of the India’s exporter list. Exporter List No.13141079.



Quality :Premium

Variety: DXT
Origin: India
Cultivation: Common
Shape : Diamond
Weight : 13-15 kg per carton (approximately)
Fruit Quantity Per Carton : 9 pieces per carton
Packing : 16x 16 x6 Inch.
Loading Type and Quantity : 20 FT-Floor load 800 boxes,40 FT-Floor load 1800 boxes
Container Settings : +2 degrees
Shelf Life : 60 Days from the packing date


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